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Buxton Bed and Breakfast


The Homestead

The Homestead was Awarded the Home of the Year

            and Design of the Year

                        by Home Beautiful in 1990.


The Homestead is located on a beautiful and peaceful bush location, on the Maroondah Highway, between Buxton and Taggerty, being overlooked by the majestic Cathedral Mountain.

It is a wonderful house with an old orchard, country style verandah, and a fully equipped kitchen. The two photos above show the kitchen, on the left you can see the old tractor seats have been incorporated into the theme of the kitchen.


The main bedroom, above left, has a huge windows allowing the bush setting to infiltrate the ambiance of the room. The historic claw bath adds to the intrigue of the room. There are two separate bedrooms and the Homestead can accommodate up to 6 persons.

On the right is a photo of the lounge, and you can see the intricately carved wooden Chinese opium bed creating a sense of the Orient.


The central double chimney, photographed above, forms the boundary and focal point of the lounge, with its country style open fire and the intricate aboriginal painting hanging above. The back of the chimney is the kitchen's chimney, as you can see from the kitchen photo above.


Please Note:

        This Facility has been leased on a medium term basis and is unavailable for B & B rental at the current time.


For Bookings or Further Information

Please contact Bronwyn at :-

Australian Bush Settlement - Taggerty

RMB 2618 Maroondah Highway

Alexandra, Victoria, 3714

   Phone   0357 747 378     Fax    0357 747 442    



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