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Built 1887

The Old Priory was built to help educate the local and surrounding districts population back in the late 1880's. The Priory is still superbly designed for this purpose. Its huge verandas, and its rolling corridors have many passages and stairways leading to and coming from the most amazing training and conference rooms, ideal for both large and small meetings. You can lose yourself amongst the many corridors.

As you can see below a staircase comes all the way downstairs, and then by going  through the door another staircase goes up to a mezzanine floor. Below right is the grand old staircase, with its magnificent wooden posts and rails spiralling downwards for a few floors.

Bwprio25.JPG (11603 bytes)

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The Smaller Meeting or Training Facilities.

Bwprio30.JPG (10542 bytes)

Bwprio31.JPG (8932 bytes)

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The above photo's show left, an intimate restaurant style setting with leather chairs for the more informal yet serious training programs. Above centre is the training room, with blackboard, TV and Video Recorder, whilst to the right is a theatre type set up with rows of comfortable chairs and full tables allowing maximum writing space and comfort for participants.

Catering is available and can be served at one of our many function rooms.


The Larger Meeting or Training Facilities.

Bwprio33.JPG (18081 bytes) Bwprio34.JPG (19823 bytes)

For the larger meetings or training programs, we have a range of rooms that can be set out to specific requirements, such as the two photographed above. Here they are in a theatre style but have full tables in front of the participants.

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The Grand Function Room is equipped with a fully stocked bar, and has a fully equipped stage, capable of mini productions, which makes the room ideal for many types of major formats.

Bwprio37.JPG (15397 bytes)

Above is a photograph of the recreation room, showing the enormous size, which could be set out for specific meetings or functions.

Full catering may be arranged for all functions.

For bookings or more information please phone us on 0357  281 024, or fax  0357 282 035


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