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Built in 1872 and opened in 1873, the school building has been saved as it was, along with an excellent documentary history of the differing school personnel. When you wander through thee classroom it is as if the children are off for the weekend.



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Pictured above is one of the most ingenious inventions for the turn of the 18th Century as the designer has created a wine barrel washing machine, with an agitator to push the washing up and down whilst still turning.

The motion is created by metal gears set into the top of the machine , which are activated by turning the large wheel. A close inspection of this is a must whilst in Rutherglen.


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Above is another very ingeious washing machine of the very early 19th Century. The rocket shaped machine is loaded by opening the nose cone, and placing in the washing and the water. Upon shutting the nose cone you take hold of the handle between the nose cone and the wringer, and by pulling and pushing this backwards and forwards, the "Space Ship" rocks and the water is thrown about the washing. When completed the washing is squeezed through the wringer to get rid of excess water.


Above right is a home made Crystal Set. This was made in Rutherglen about 1914 and it still works. This wooden box with its wires and crystal will and did receive the radio transmissions sent out by the ABC, without any use of electric power.


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The above photos show a very precise and accurate set of weights and measures used by Government Officials to check that Retailers were recording their weights and measures accurately.

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